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Berlin Philharmonic Octet in Schubert

Schubert: Oktett F-Dur D. 803

Philharmonisches Oktett Berlin

DG LPM 39102 - MONO

(printer's date on back cover of sleeve 5/66)

An excellent performance of the kind that makes record collectors wonder why such a recording has never been released either on CD or as a download, even in the context of a competitive market including at least two or three recordings from either the Berlin Octet themselves, the Vienna Octet or Chamber Ensemble and dozens of other excellent ones on various labels by numerous artists over the years.

The present recording was released in stereo and mono and the overall sound in mono here remains full and clean. The actual disc used had retained its generally very quiet surfaces although some minor marks had appeared over time in places, now mostly minimised without recourse to anything more than very minimal filtering. Overall the listening experience is highly rewarding. Readers will want to hold on to their various favourite versions, but this will please if the Viennese way can seem just that bit too sweet-toothed at times. Happy listening!

Berlin Philharmonic Octet

Alfred Malecek, Violin 1
Rudolf Hartmann, Violin 2
Ulrich Fritze, Viola
Heinrich Majowski, Violoncello
Paul-Rainer Zepperitz, Double bass
Herbert Stรคhr, Clarinet
Hans Lemke, Bassoon
Gerd Seifert, Horn

Track Listing

Schubert Octet in F major, D. 803 (Op. 166)

Side One

1. First movement: Adagio-Allegro
2. Second movement: Adagio
3. Third movement: Allegro vivace

Side Two

1. (Trk 4) Fourth movement: Andante (with 7 variations)
2. (Trk 5) Fifth movement: Menuetto: Allegretto
3. (Trk 6) Sixth movement: Andante molto - Allegro

As with other posts here, I will willingly remove this album from this blog should anyone concerned in its production or copyrighting complain about its presence here on legal grounds.

Download links (Flac is high quality, but takes up significant computer space (about the equivalent of an audio CD for the whole album). Use flac for reference listening or for further editing/mixing etc.; Mp3 is more suitable for mobile listening, still of fairly high quality, but takes up much less space. Both downloads come with the same notes and high resolution artwork. Click on above image for preview):

Schubert Octet BerlinFLAC

Schubert Octet BerlinMP3

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